Kitchen Cleaning Spray
Kitchen Cleaning Spray
Kitchen Cleaning Spray

Kitchen Cleaning Spray

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The Kitchen Cleaning Spray has that extra bit of power you need to for greasy messes and kitchen spills! Instead of extreme toxic chemicals you'll find all natural washing soda and extra helping of sweet orange essential oil for it's grease fighting power. 

In addition to a blend of all natural cleaning ingredients, I craft each bottle with special intentions. To achieve these goals, I use sweet orange essential oil and crystal essences.

What's inside

Sweet Orange Essential: In aromatherapy this scent is used to create a cheerful yet calm energy, perfect for the home. In herbal folklore, it is associated with joy, purification, and the goddess of the hearth. My hope is that this scent will leave you and your home feeling reinvigorated. 

Crystal Essences: Crystal essences are infusions made to harness the energy of a crystal, and I use a blend of 3 crystals in all my cleaning sprays. Labradorite & Black Tourmaline crystals may provide a protective and grounding energy, while Rose Quartz may promote a more loving space. 


Water, Liquid Castile Soap, Washing Soda, Sweet Orange Essential Oil, Crystal Essences

Shipping Information

In order to prevent spilling and keep shipping affordable for customers, cleaning sprays are filled with a concentrated solution. Once you receive the bottle, fill with water to achieve appropriate dilution. 

Note: Listing does not include the crystals featured in the photo.