Goddess Herbal Spray
Goddess Herbal Spray

Goddess Herbal Spray

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"All acts of love and pleasure are my rituals." -Charge of the Goddess

The Goddess Energy spray is uniquely blended to promote your own divine feminine energy and loving vibes. The main notes are rose and cinnamon, which make for a lush warm scent. 

Herbal spray is safe for use as room or body spray. Use in place of chemical filled air fresheners and perfumes. Always test on a small area first if you are worried about allergies. 

What's Inside

Rose Absolute: All things love must have rose! In herbal folklore to attract love and honor the goddess. It's scent is said to encourage harmony and thoughts of love. 

Cinnamon: This spicy & stimulating scent may increase fire energy (passion, attraction & love). It was often used as an offering for love goddesses of different cultures. 

Vanilla: A hint of vanilla rounds out the scent. In herbal folklore, it is believed to call in sweet blessings and self-love. 

Rose Quartz: Each bottle includes a small rose quartz piece. Rose quartz is used to increase loving vibrations of all kinds and promote healing of the heart. 


Warm, Soft, Subtly Sweet, Floral.  


Witch Hazel, Essential Oils, Rose Quartz

*Note: Listing does not include the large rose quartz point in photo.