Energy Clearing Spray
Energy Clearing Spray

Energy Clearing Spray

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The Energy Clearing Spray has a light uplifting scent for clearing out any stale or toxic energy in your space. A great alternative to cleansing a space with smoke for those with asthma or who prefer something they can carry on the go. 

Herbal spray is safe for use as room or body spray. Use in place of chemical filled air fresheners and perfumes. Always test on a small area first if you are worried about allergies. 

What's Inside

Lemongrass: Used in aromatherapy for anxiety, this bright citrus scent is often used for promoting a soothing energy. It is typically used for cleansing and protection from negative energy. 

Cedar Wood: Slightly sedative in it's energy, this is used to calm the mind and promote stress relief. It is also a wonderful deodorizer for freshening an indoor space. In pagan traditions, it is used for protection and cleansing of sacred spaces. 

Clear Quartz: Each bottle includes small clear quartz pieces. Clear quartz is used to increase the power of any intentions, in this case protection and cleansing. 


Subtle Citrus, Woodsy, Refreshing


Water, Vodka, Essential Oils, Clear Quartz

*Note: Listing does not include the large clear quartz point in photo.