Amethyst Candle
Amethyst Candle
Amethyst Candle

Amethyst Candle

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This candle was created to ground and protect. Perfect for clearing away unwanted energy and promote a peaceful home. To amplify those intentions, I use all natural rosemary and lavender for scent. 

Using Crystal Candles

There is a small amethyst crystal in each candle. When you first light this candle think about the energy you are trying to call into your life, to charge both the candle and crystal. You can remove the crystal and keep it for your own collection. 

What's Inside

Amethyst: Associated with protection, especially from negativity and stress. Great for use in meditation during a stressful day. 

Lavender: Known for it's calming ability, it's actually a purifier as well. Lavender is linked to anti-anxiety and better sleep in aromatherapy, so that makes the perfect candle before bed. 

Rosemary: A powerful protector, used for clearing the mind and spirit of negative energy. In aromatherapy, it's oil is used for clarity. In the Mediterranean, rosemary was burned to cleanse temples of evil spirits. 


Floral & Herbal. Think subtle and soothing. 


Wood Wick, Soy Wax (Vegan), All Natural Fragrance, Amethyst Crystal

Listing does not include the crystals in the picture. 

*Note: Many different methods and plants can be used for energy clearing. Palo Santo and Sage are just two that have become popular, but they are actually unethical to use due to over harvesting and appropriation from Native culture. This candle is free from both.